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Fox Den bar turns to Rhinox for Security Solutions After Deadly Shooting

The Fox Den’s owner consults a security expert to protect his bar and the people inside.

Author: Alexis Jones for WHAS11

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — For the past two years, the Fox Den has been in the Saint Mathews area. Owner, Jared Matthews says he has many fond memories there, but he’ll never forget what happened last Sunday. 
“It’s definitely the worse fear that a business owner can get a phone call about,” Matthews said. 
Police say 30-year-old Christopher Mayes was shot and killed in the bar’s back parking lot around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Just moments before the shooting, Matthews said Mayes was aggressive, and threatened to “kill everyone inside the bar.” He said Mayes then grabbed a gun from his car and started to walk towards the building – causing security to use self defense. 

“Unfortunately my guy was left in an impossible situation,” he said. “This was such a crazy event that I want to make sure that any one of staff members are prepared for anything at anytime. “

To ensure their safety, Matthews is turning to Rhinox Research Group for help.

Security Consultant, Aaron McGahee will provide an emergency plan for Matthew’s five restaurants. He says he’ll teach staff members what to do in an active shooter situation and how to render aid. He also plans to show employees less lethal options

“That’s where the taser and the pepper spray come in,” McGahee said. ” You can use them usually at the first sign of physical non compliance , and we don’t have to worry about loss of life. They just incapacitate”

Jarred says he’s looking forward to seeing Aaron pour into his team. In the meantime, he says there’s more to be done for our community

“The care for human life seems to be dissipating. We got to figure out how to fix this heart problem that we have,” he said.



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