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Louisville Metro Police Department urges proper gun safety to curb crime

Louisville Metro Police Department urges proper gun safety to curb crime

Aaron McGahee with Rhinox Research Group says arming the community with knowledge is the key to creating a safer city.

“If you own a firearm, you absolutely need training to prevent yourself from hurting yourself. Negligence is a huge issue,” McGahee said.

McGahee’s business on West Muhammad Ali Boulevard provides training in legal use of force, conflict avoidance, and basic handgun safety. It’s information leaders says is essential.

LMPD says they are noticing a majority of crimes committed are from stolen guns.

“It is one of the main drivers in our crime right now. The majority of the crimes that are being committed are from stolen firearms and you would think it’s stolen from homes but it’s vehicles that are most problematic,” said Major Corey Robinson, 2nd Division Commander Louisville Metro Police Department. “It’s easy pickings. You just open the car door, a lot of times there’s a key fob left in there. Cars get stolen and when it’s not, people just help themselves to your weapons that are in the car.”

Businesses like Kavanaugh’s Outdoor Supply Company are urging people to lock up their weapons in a safe.

“Be responsible when you’re storing your gun. You don’t have to buy something specifically designed and geared towards that product. Any type of lock box, locking mechanism, safe and secure storage is paramount and it’s all our responsibility,” said Dustin Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh’s Outdoor Supply Company.

McGahee says owners should know how to clear out their guns and properly lock them.


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